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Merge Online fixes gaps in your planning at the speed of light. We source you with the best employees available for short term and long term jobs. Fix your staff issues now.

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Merge Online differs from other recruiters and temp work companies. We make the right match by screening candidates on soft and hard skills. The results are better and they are immediately available. We already heave the right person for your future staff issue.

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We analyze the matches between the person and the vacancy, which include a broad range of data like:
  • Distance;
  • Desired hours per week;
  • Function preference;
  • Matching qualities and requirements
Based on these combinations we determine a matching score between the person and the vacancy which is presented as a procentual match and a summary in the person's profile.
We are very aware of that. That is why Merge Online was created. We have set ourselves the goal of realizing job placement quickly and effectively. Our mission is also in line with this: promote job placement positively. We achieve this by assuming positivity, trust and transparency. By doing this, we provide the best solution possible for all parties.
Time is not an issue for Merge Online. A vacancy can be filled within 2 minutes, taking into account the laws and regulations. So you can be sure that there is no faster solution. The platform protects everything from an administrative point of view, just passing on hours. Nothing more and nothing less.
Setting up a platform is not that easy. We found out ourselves. We have used our many years of knowledge and experience in the temporary employment industry to provide a digital solution. In addition, we dare to assume the best in people. We therefore play open cards, no strings attached. This allows us to offer this platform. And to be honest, it makes our lives a lot easier.

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